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Product Function
Temperature range
Humidity range
Capacity range
Vacuum drying oven size
Heating rate
Cooling rate
Controller type
Refrigerating system
Protective system




Electrical Engineer:Mr. Liao

is main responsibility including electrical packages, drawing review, power distribution management, final acceptance and so on. If there are any question of the macine electric circuit, Mr. Liao are can solve for you.



    Refrigeration Engineer: Mr. Xu

   Mr. Xu is a excellent refrigeration engineer. His duty including all Environment test chambers' R&D and
   production. Responsible for product pre-sale, sale, after-sale technical services.



QC Engineer: Mr. Huang

He in charge of all the machine try run and improve. All machine must be try run more than one week in our factory before delivery, Mr. Huang will observate and record the running state. We must ensure the machine is perfect when our customer receive it. And if there have any question after received the machine,  Mr. Huang will solve it for customer any time.

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