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Welcome Indian clients to visit our factory
Published Time: 2016/5/31 15:01:39
                                             Welcome Indian clients to visit our factory 

Sincerely welcome Indian clients to visit our factory. Hope we can cooperate with each other in near furture .

   Indian clients are very satisified with our professional work and interesting  in our machine HZ-2012A Two boxes air-cooled hot and cold impact testing machine  and HZ-2022 LCD Touch Screen Programmable Dust Test Machine.
   If you want to know more information about this machine , feel free to contact us.

Equipment summary:

   Hot and cold impact testing machines used to test the change of material under extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature environment that continue alternation in the shortest time, Testing the chemical changes or physical damage of material caused by the thermal expansion and contraction. Testing box divided two parts, one is high-temperature region, another is low-temperature region, the testing sample placed on the moving basket, using unique heat storage and cool storage, the cylinder taking basket moves up and down in the hot and cold region to complete the hot and cold temperature impact testing; applied to test the material, including metal, plastic, rubber, electronics .... and other materials, it can be used as a basis for improvement of their products.

Technical parameters



Temperature range


B.low-temperatureroom temperature-70℃

Control temperature




Heating time at high-temperature region

RT~+150℃ about 35minRT is from 5~+30℃.

Cooling time at low-temperature region

RT-40℃ about 50minRT is from 5~+30℃

Moving time and temperature recover time

A. testing basket moving from high-temperature to low-temperature spend 10sec

B.after exchanging the temperature,the temperature recovery time: 3min5min (Stabilization time ≥ 30min)

Device noise

Below 75dB.



Testing region(hot and cold)


Outside size


Testing basket size


Inside material

SUS#304 Cold-Heat-resistant stainless steel

Outside material

SUS#304 Cold-Heat-resistant stainless steel

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