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Welcome Tunisia client to visit our factory
Published Time: 2016/6/6 14:39:59
                                                             Welcome Tunisia client to visit our factory 
Sincerely  welcome Tunisia client to visit our factory and our machine.

Tunisia client is very satisified with our professional work and interesting in our machine HZ-1004B Desktop computer type servo tensile testing machine ,  HZ-3501A VMS-1510 Second imaging, measuring instrument,HZ-4003 DC Digital resistance tester

HZ-4004 General conductor electric resistance fixture

There are specifications of  HZ-1004B Desktop computer type servo tensile testing machine 

If you want to know more infomation about this machine, feel free to contact us.

Equipment summary

HZ-1004C Desktop microcomputer-type tensile testing machine is designed by our company which is made of  aluminum, it is not only small, used widely,do not take up space, nice appearance, but also easy to move with the hoop,  it is very convenient to operate. It is controlled by computer and printing out the testing report; The outward appearance used the closing board dealing with high-level baking varnish, which obviously elegant appear. It especially suitable for controlling quality in production line, This series of machine is mainly applied to test the non-metallic and metallic materials which the load is less than 2KN.

Technical parameter:



Max load

500N, 1KN, 2KN,5kn option

Accurate grade

1grade /0.5 grade

Effective measuring range

0.2%~100%(1grade)/0.4%~100%(0.5 grade)

Measuring accuracy

 the value ±1% / the value±0.5%

Tester resolution

Max load 1/200000, constant the resolution

Load sensor

Basic configuration: sensor(max load): one

Extended configuration: can add more sensors

Effective testing width

300mm (can be widened according to customer’s requirement)

Effective tensile stroke

800mm;1000mm;1200mm (can be increased the height according to customer’s requirement)

Range of testing speed


Accuracy of displacement measurement

Tolerance: ±0.5%/ tolerance: ±0.2%

Deformation of measured system (according to the requirements)

Min span :10mm,  Max range of deformation 800mm

Extended deformation: Min span: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm;

Range of deformation: 5mm, 10mm, 25mm

Accuracy of measured deformation

Tolerance:±0.5%(according to requirement of customer to choose the larger or small deformation)


Electronic-limit protection

Testing platform moving  device

Fast /slow two speeds to control, can jog

Return back

Manual or automatic operation. After the test, the moving iron return to initial position with the highest speed by manual or automatic operation

Overload protection

Overload 10%, automatic protection


A set of tensile fixture

Machine size

65x36x210cm(length*width*height)(including the height of operative table)

Power system

Panasonic AC Servo Motor + Driver + high-precision ball screw

Power supply

220V, 50HZ


0.2KW(depending on different demand of force, using different motor)

Machine weight

(about)160 KG


KG,N,LB, TON can be exchanged.

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