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What's HZ-2029A Portable laser Dust Particles Counter ?
Published Time: 2016/7/5 14:30:56
                         What's HZ-2029A Portable laser Dust Particles Counter ?

Product introduction

 The dust counter is our newly develop portable laser dust particles counter which apply semiconductor laser sensor, can be connected to PC data collection system to remote control, so that can directly observe the testing situation, and the testing data can be analysis, processed and saved as Excel document. The technical index can meet the verification regulation JJG547-88 issued by DGS. The counter apply American micro-computer controlling and dealing technology, semi-conductor technology and imported air pump, with the character of multi-function, high precision measure, high speed, portable and easy to operate. The counter one time sampling can test the number of dust particles on different kinds of grain sizes. The counter has been wildly used in cleaning room for electronic manufacturing enterprises, filter for on-site test and leak detection, production and scientific researching departments, such as testing biosafety, HVAC system, computer room, beverage packing environment, medicine, medical instrument production environment, hospital cleaning room, spray environment, micro-electronics, biochemicals, food safety, fine chemical engineering, precision machinery, etc. It is the first choice for HVACpharmaceutical enterprise and supervisory department.

Main technical parameter

Light source

Semi-conductor laser, life time over than 35000hours

Sampling flow

2.83L/min 0.1ft3Imported sampling pump

Display type

LCDreal-time displaylast period displayreal-time concentration displaytime displaydatemeasured valuetemperature and humidityroom,numbersampling sitesampling timesbattery powerstatues, etc. 95% UCL count, can directly display particle concentration(cap/CMB)

Rechargeable battery

Li-ion battery7.4 V2200mAh.

Power supply

AC power adapterAC 100V245 V50/60 Hz to DC 7.4 V1 A

Working hours

6 hoursBattery indicator

Counting mode

aggregate value, difference value, concentration value

Testing mode

Unitary, repeat, continuous, counting, long-distance

Unit conversion

The unit can be converted to m3

Grain size channel

0.3 0.5 1.0 3.0 5.0 10μm, six particle sizes can be counted at the same time

Sampling period

110000(s)      Delay count099S      Self-purification≤10 min  

Working environment

Temperature:1040℃ (50104℉)      Relative temperature:2090%RH,no condensation.      Barometric pressure86-106KPa

Temperature and humidity

Option   1Temperature050℃±1℃.    2Humidity0100%RH±5%

UCL setting

Sampling numberA):29 points setting sampling times each point:(L29 times setting     measuring position0-999

UCL statement

Confirm to the standards ISO14644-1GB50073-2001 GMPFS-209E

Data storage

Can storage 1000 sets data(recycle buffer)( including grain size, data, environment data, year, month, day, time, sampling quantity, data connector), the data will not lose if power failure.

Communication connector

RS2329600Baud rate

Alarm setting

can alarm for level 100, level 1000, level 10000, level 100000, level 300000, level 1000000 if over the standard   alarm for low battery and voltage.

Zero count

Can meet the requirement of Dust particle counter regulation requirement JJG-547-88   JIS B9921:1997     less than 1 each 5 minutes

Over lapping error

5 %2,000,000 grain/c.f.


External printerOption





Standard configuration

Suitcase/chargerpower sampling headzero filterRS 232 connecting linedisc for computer connect.


External printer, professional triangle sampling frame, temperature and humidity sensor.

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